Qualitative Market Research

Simply put, qualitative research is focused on WHY people buy, think or do the things they do. It's exploratory in nature. But in reality, it's not as simple as that. It takes an experienced research professional to balance the diversity of personalities while gleaning the information needed to achieve the client's goals, through a variety of qualitative techniques.

On Point Strategies has years of expertise in probing deep in understanding the attitudes, perceptions, behaviors and beliefs of individuals through a range of qualitative research.

When should qualitative research be used:

  • To explore a topic, an issue or an idea
  • To understand the motivational drivers behind attitudes or decisions
  • To identify the full range of responses or opinions
  • To identify insights about a company's competitive grid
  • To test and refine advertising/marketing concepts and creative
  • To understand a company's brand identity
  • To explore ideas in preparation for a quantitative study
  • To prepare lawyers for trial
  • And more

Qualitative research is conducted through a variety of methods, including:

  • Focus Groups
    • Traditional groups
    • Online Focus Groups - conducted in real time
    • Online Bulletin Boards - similar to an online focus group but not in real time
  • In-depth Interviews (IDIs)
    • Diads (2 people — interviewer and 1 participant)
    • Triads (3 people — interviewer and 2 participants)
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Usability Testing of Web sites and other interactive elements
  • Observational Techniques
  • Mock Trials for law firms
  • On Point Strategies is a frequent speaker on market research integration with marketing programs; and we're constantly exploring the evolving methodology of online research and are positioned as a thought leader on the topic.

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