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Tamara is a Features Editor for QRCA Views Magzine and works closely with authors for this quarterly publication. Below are links to articles from her column, Schools of Thought.

  • Spring 2019 - Where Big Data Can’t Go: The Indispensability of Qualitative Research in the Evolving Landscape of Measuring Behavior, author Martin Pacino
  • Winter 2018 - Get on the Fast Track to Creative Problem Solving and Ignite Your Qualitative Practice, authors Missy Carvin, Karen Lynch, Alison Murphy
  • Fall 2018 - Taking the Mystery Out of Co-Creation Sessions, authors Hana Kloucková and and Petra Víšková
  • Summer 2018 - All the World’s a Stage: Researchers and Participants are Merely Players, author Dr. John Whittle
  • Spring 2018 (pg 26) - How Using Empathy in Research Makes for Powerful Storytelling, author Tim Urmston
  • Winter 2017 (pg 32) - Free Listening - Let's Do Something Crazy!, author Benjamin Mathes
  • Fall 2017 (pg 48) - The Canary in the 2016 Political Coal Mine!, author Brian Gottlieb
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